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September 2020

Emerging Manager Forum Europe

When: September 23, 2020
Where: Online virtual conference (delivered live (UK time) and on-demand afterwards
Organiser: Informa
The event will hear from successful emerging fund managers about launching and growing a fund. Learn from successful managers as they give insight into the key points that gave them the edge in a competitive field.
Meet with active emerging manager investors and hear what they look for in emerging managers as well as the ability to meet and connect with potential backers.

The forum is an opportunity to catch up with existing contacts and to build new and lasting relationships.
Use code  FKW53963VAJP to register for the conference.

Emerging Managers Summit

When: September 24, 2020
Where: Virtual
Organiser: Opal
The summit highlights the benefits and opportunities for institutional and private wealth investors to invest in new, small, diverse, women-owned, emerging and boutique fund managers. The programme brings smaller diverse managers into the limelight as they have historically outperformed their larger peers. This event will take place entirely on Opal Group’s custom virtual event platform, giving an opportunity for delegates from around the world to connect online. Key decision makers from family offices, endowments, foundations, and pension funds will be able to virtually interact with emerging managers, as well as share best practice ideas with peers. Hear from a panel of experts to stay up to date on the emerging manager market.

October 2020

Virtual Endowment & Foundation Forum 2020

When: October 1, 2020
Where: Virtual
Organiser: Opal Group
The forum will provide a virtual platform for delegates to exchange ideas and best practices covering investment strategy and portfolio planning. The meeting will provide insight on how endowments and foundations can best navigate the current market’s unchartered waters. 
Participants will be able to view live keynotes and panel discussions presented by the industry’s leaders. Participants will speak on topics including necessary adjustments suggested for endowment governance, means of capturing alpha in a portfolio, methods of choosing managers, and problems of ethics and liability in fiduciary planning.
The virtual format allows for: one on one and group meetings; an exhibit hall with branded interactive booths; the ability to connect and share contact details with one another; custom one to one meeting rooms with video conferencing (pre-arranged meetings between LPs/allocators and sponsor managers); live video keynote speakers and panel presentations with questions and answers; collateral information sharing; and live chatting options in sessions, private rooms and lounge areas for peer to peer or group networking via live chat or video chat.

European CLO

When: October 13-14, 2020
Where: Virtual
Organiser: Opal
The summit is an educational and networking forum designed for investors, issuers, investment banks, underwriters, rating agencies, broker dealers, lawyers, technology firms, service providers, accountants and more. At this conference delegates can learn the newest techniques to maximise returns and reduce risk exposure in this area of asset-backed finance, an in-depth review of recent regulatory changes in addition to rating agency methodology, legal, tax and structural considerations will provide attendees with the tools necessary to stay one step ahead of their competitors. The conference will serve as an opportunity where a meaningful dialogue can be opened to address concerns regarding this dynamic segment of the market.

Emerging Manager Forum USA

When: October 15, 2020
Where: Online virtual conference (delivered live (east coast US time) 
Organiser: Informa
For the first time this forum will be a fully online conference (not a webinar), including live-streamed panel discussions, Q&A, interactive sessions and 1:1 networking. Those attending will be able to meet with active emerging manager investors. With investors attending the forum, it is a good opportunity to hear what they look for in emerging managers and to meet and connect with potential backers.
Attendees will hear from successful emerging fund managers about launching and growing a fund. Learn from successful managers as they give insight into the key points that gave them the edge in a competitive field.
The forum is an opportunity to catch up with existing contacts and to build new and lasting relationships.

Use code FKW53989VAJP to register for the conference

Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West 2020

When: October 21-23, 2020
Where: Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa, Napa, CA
Organiser: Opal
Known for the fastest growing population of newly structured family offices in the world, northern California is largely dominated by first and second-generation families from Silicon Valley. Investment strategies such as private equity, venture capital, and technology will be familiar themes throughout this conference. Investment managers and families come together at the event to discuss the foundations in which they built their wealth and uncork the various investment strategies in which to keep their portfolios growing. Additional topics such as impact investing, alternatives and the trustee beneficiary relationship will allow for delegates to sample a diverse blend of palatable subjects while networking amongst a top tier group of private wealth professionals.


When: October 27-28, 2020
Where: Online virtual conference delivered live (UK time) and  on-demand afterwards
Organiser: Informa
Tune into sessions, join Q&As and participate in audience polls, all happening online. Delegates will be able to connect before, during and after the event with 1:1 or group video meetings. There will be structured networking sessions and serendipitous encounters.
Learn from leading investors how to invest, hedge and secure returns in today’s alternative asset classes. Understand how to prepare for a market sell-off and to construct a diverse and stable portfolio.
To ensure representation from the entire investment community, we have set aside a limited number of complimentary passes for executives from endowments, foundations, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, insurance, allocators and family offices.

Use code FKW54258VAJP to register for the conference.

December 2020

Alternative Investing Summit 2020

When: December 6-8, 2020
Where: Ritz Carlton, Dana Point, CA
Organiser: Opal
The summit brings together trustees and representatives of institutions as well as money managers and consultants to explore the roles of alternative opportunities and strategies. Participants and delegates will investigate a range of critical investment issues, including discussion of the risks and benefits of various asset classes and investment vehicles such as hedge funds and private equity, examining means of cutting costs associated with implementation of absolute returns strategies, reviewing the future of commodities and surveying the landscape of emerging international markets. The conference will discuss impact investing as a way of obtaining returns that are socially responsible as well as many issues involved with fund management and the importance of education for trustees and other investment officers.