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March 2017

North American Pensions Summit

When: March 20-21, 2017
Where: Drake Hotel, Chicago
Organiser: Marcus Evans
Join more than 80 senior investment executives from North America – with assets under management of $500m and direct responsibility for selecting asset and fund managers – that are interested in reviewing investment vehicles for future investing. Conduct one-on-one business meetings with top decision makers, meet with 10-15 contacts per representative. Attendees can personally select the executives they would like to meet at the event using the secured summit website, review detailed profiles of all delegates and the organisations they represent. Those attending can also obtain exclusive access to the senior delegation and present their services and products in a controlled environment where provider participation is strictly limited per product category. The one-on-one business meetings also provide access to the decision makers from investment companies across North America.

FT African Infrastructure Financing and Development 2017: Bridging the infrastructure gap

When: March 23, 2017
Where: One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA
Organiser: Financial Times
Africa’s continuing economic and social development is encouraging investors to expand their portfolios in the continent. There is an urgent requirement for more investment in Africa’s power, rail, roads, airlines, ports, waterways and technology sectors and bridging the $50bn infrastructure gap is essential to the continent’s long-term sustainable growth. This event brings together policy makers, regulators and C-level representatives from pension funds, asset managers, investment banks, family offices and multi-family wealth offices as well as corporates, product specialists, economic development thinkers, lawyers and consultants to debate how Africa’s infrastructure gap can be bridged. Speakers will examine the role of infrastructure in meeting the continent’s development targets and provide investor viewpoints. They will also discuss project development, structuring, implementation and finance, examine Africa’s energy requirements and look at a range of mega projects.

May 2017

Impact Investment Forum: Lighting the path for impact investing in Canada

When: May 2017
Where: Vancouver
Organiser: Market Motion Media
The event will host influential leaders, keynote speakers, game changing entrepreneurs, and prominent figures from within the impact investment community. The forum includes a luncheon panel of industry experts who will discuss how they identify impact investments and what the Canadian landscape looks like. A 360-degree perspective will be presented from the business leaders creating a positive impact to the investors.

June 2017

GAIM 2017 and GAIM Ops London

When: June 5-7, 2017
Where: Hilton Syon Park, TW8 8JF
Organiser: Informa
The event is where global alternative investment managers and investors collaborate to drive capital, implement industry standards and source cutting edge information. Co-located with GAIM this year, GAIM Ops London is a hedge fund industry operations and compliance event in Europe for chief operation officers, chief compliance officers, heads of operational due diligence, general counsel, and chief financial officers. Focused on hedge fund due diligence operations, compliance and risk management, the event will provide different perspectives on how to address the greatest challenges in hedge fund operations and compliance. Attendees will mix with a global, diverse range of senior alternative investment professionals through structured and networking functions.

Markets & Financial Industry Global Summit

When: June 12 - 13, 2017
Where: New York
Organiser: MFIGS
The summit brings together institutional investors, family offices, asset allocators, investment managers, regulators and financial industry service providers to share insights, create connections and do deals at the world’s exclusive financial industry gathering. The innovative format delivers an effective and transparent networking event with opportunities for 1:1 meeting with global investors and decision makers. Investment managers, qualified investors and industry leaders develop relationships that are required to drive success and grow participants drive the agenda. The event brings together commerce and engaging with financial industry market makers in collaborative efforts to discuss trends, economics and investment strategies in an environment to create connections and do deals. Delegates decide and tailor-make their schedule.

Catalyst Cap Intro: Multi-Fund fintech Platforms Alternative Investing

When: June 19, 2017
Where: New York
Organiser: Catalyst Financial Partners
The event is sector focused, investor driven and hosts hand-picked investment managers and investors that are introduced to each other with a view to become investment partners. This event focuses on multi-fund fintech platforms in alternative investing. This reflects the explosion in the past years of innovative ways of showcasing, distributing and closing investments through an online portal. These efforts promote transparency and giving the investor more ownership in selecting what manager, investments or assets to invest in. This event will cover fintech operators offering hedge funds, hedge fund replication, private investments and deals, real estate projects and peer-to-peer lending, among others.