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Portfolio managers confront lack of real time data accuracy and risk and performance analytics

Portfolio managers are facing significant challenges when it comes to the front office, according to a survey by SimCorp.

Good year for Luxembourg fund industry as country ponders new alternative fund structure

Luxembourg’s fund industry had a great 2015, according to figures released by then Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry (Alfi).

Hedge funds need to polish their online image

Hedge funds need to take care to protect their online reputation and reduce the impact of adverse or out of date information on the internet, according to communications consulting firm Lumentus.

Attractions of equity index futures grow as volatility returns to markets

The use of equity index futures is growing as more fund managers look for greater transparency in exchange traded contracts that can deliver liquidity and cost benefits in volatile market conditions.

Investment options reflect market volatility with alternatives earning a strong allocation in portfolios

Doubts over the timing of a rise in US interest rates and the global economy are fuelling volatility and leaving investors guessing, says a report by Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (DeAWM).

Escalating cyber risks demand pro-active governance says report

Financial firms including alternative investment funds must take a much more pro-active stance to deal with escalating cyber risk threats, says a Conference Board report.

Collateral market changes present growing compliance challenge

Changes to the collateral market caused by regulatory changes present a growing compliance challenge for asset managers and financial firms, says a research paper.

Financial industry needs better data controls and standards says Fima report

The financial industry needs better data controls and standards to avoid future crises and to reap the benefits of well managed data, says a Financial Information Management (Fima) report.