Europe’s real estate sector entering more moderate return growth phase

While European real estate has provided exceptionally high levels of return over the past few years, there are signs the market as a whole is moving to moderate.

US investment environment to be impacted by faster rate rises, lower unemployment and higher inflation

The combination of tax cuts and infrastructure spending under a range of fiscal stimulus plans will boost US GDP growth but the impact will be determined by the size, scope and timing, says Guggenheim Investments.

US policy changes could boost economic growth in 2017

Policy changes as a result of US elections could push economy into a higher growth in 2017, according to Northern Trust’s 2017 investment outlook.

Optimism wins out over concerns on Trump presidency impact on global markets in 2017

Over the short term Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) global research is bullish on the eurozone, the UK, Japanese and Pacific Rim stocks, energy, precious metals and the US dollar.

Tump policies biggest risk to global economy concludes Oxford Economics client survey

The future policies of US president-elect Donald Trump could pose the biggest single risk to the global economy in 2017, according to a survey by Oxford Economics.

Investor expectations need to be set for lower margins over next 20 years

The forces that have driven exceptional investment returns over the past 30 years are weakening and reversing, according to research.

Volatility and slowing central bank divergence send mix signals to financial markets year

Stabilising growth, a slower pace of interest rate increases by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and a pause in the US dollar’s rise bode well for markets in the near term, according to a report by BlackRock Investment Institute.