Esma plans for no deal Brexit

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and European securities regulators have agreed memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

DDQ looks at cyber security and tech outsourcing

AITEC and Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) have published a due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) of vendor technology and cyber security.

Instiutional investors use outsourced CIOs to boost portfolio returns

Institutional invesetors are using outsourced chief investment officers (CIOs) to manage increasingly complex portfolios and to gain ccess to new asset classes.

Smaller hedge funds struggle with costs

The average breakeven point for sub-$500m hedge funds is around $86m, considerably lower than previously thought, according to a recent survey of small and emerging managers.

Pace of change challenges hedge fund survival as investors press for lower fees and cost savings

Hedge funds are facing a challenging time as competing forces are forcing them to change the way they interact with investors. The pace and magnitude of change is accelerating.

Aima publishes operational risk management guide for hedge funds

The Alternative Investment Management Association (Aima) has published a guide on operational risk management for asset managers.

Institutional investors look to alternatives to generate higher returns in volatile markets

Institutional investors are turning to alternative strategies in an effort to diversify their portfolio and generate better risk-adjusted returns in a volatile market, according to a survey by Natixis.

Outsourcing back in favour as asset managers try to control service providers and costs

Outsourcing is increasingly popular among asset managers but the end result is not always up to expectations and projects can be late and over budget, according to a survey by IMP Consulting.