Institutional investors need better tools to compare hedge funds and return streams

The top reasons given for investing in hedge funds were the potential for improved returns, diversification benefits, knowledge-sharing and learning and access to asset classes that are otherwise hard to source and manage, according to a report by CEM Benchmarking.

US investors move away from traditional asset classes to alternatives and favour managed futures

Investment advisors are increasing allocations to strategies with lower correlation to traditional asset classes as they position client assets for potentially volatile market conditions in 2017, according to the latest quarterly US trends report by Natixis Global Asset Management.

Institutional investors plan to boost use of ETFs in 2016

The use of ETFs by institutional US-based investors will grow in 2016, says a study by market intelligence firm Greenwich Associates.

Hedge fund assets forecast to rise as institutional investors reallocate portfolios

Hedge fund industry assets will reach an all time high in 2016 as institutional investors increasingly turn to hedge funds in search of better returns, according to Agecroft Partners.

Active management key for positive portfolio returns as new year brings more volatility and uncertainty

2016 will be another year of limited upside potential for global investment returns amid rising US interest rates in a maturing business cycles, according to a report from Russell Investments.

US public pension providers face challenges as market and demography erode funding status

US pensions providers are under pressure from growing liabilities, falling returns and a rising number of inactive members, according to a study by consulting and actuarial firm Milliman.