Europe’s real estate sector entering more moderate return growth phase

While European real estate has provided exceptionally high levels of return over the past few years, there are signs the market as a whole is moving to moderate.

MSCI and Wealth Management Association agree private investor index series deal

The Wealth Management Association (WMA) has signed an agreement with MSCI to provide a private investor index series.

Individual investors set to shake -up asset management industry and intensify competition

The rise of individual investors will reshape the way asset managers give advice and distribute products and services, according to a white paper from management consultancy firm Casey Quirk.

UK regulator to put asset managers under the microscope with market study

Asset managers will face close scrutiny from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in a study to assess practices and competition in the sector, the regulator has announced.

Global ETF growth gathers pace as fund and asset management sector feel its competition

The global exchange traded fund (ETF) industry is expanding and performing strongly against other investment vehicles despite volatile financial markets, according to a survey from EY.

SEC liquidity proposals may have unintended consequences for portfolio managers

US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) proposals for retail investment managers to formalise their liquidity risk management for mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) may have unintended consequences, says Fitch Ratings.

Institutional investors show different attitudes to price, product and performance in key Asian markets

Investor attitudes in four Asian countries have major differences as well as similarities that investment firms need to know when setting up and selling to these markets

Convergence drives creation of alternative investment products but adds complexity to portfolios

Convergence between asset managers, hedge funds and private equity firms is resulting in an explosion of new product creation and complexity, notes Citi in its “Industry Evolution Survey June 2015”.